What we have on offer helps you to become physically and mentally strong and stay that way. You can choose from sports like Core Training (FMT), Kettle Bell Training, Running, Boot Camp and Fitness.

At SportMindz, you practise together in a conducive atmosphere. Teachers and members stimulate each other to go just that one step further. In this way, you improve your physical condition and quietly become fitter. Every sportsperson profits from this in daily life.

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Regularly going for a run is a good way of increasing your physical and mental stamina. This makes running an excellent supplement to regular sports lessons, which are often of a more static character.


Before the running class, you do a thorough warm-up. After this, you work on your condition by means of varying running exercises. These could be an endurance run, an interval training, or a run in which you focus on speed. At SportMindz, we make use of the most beautiful environment imaginable: the beach and the dunes.


Just as in all that we offer, we consider it important that our running classes are accessible to all. Therefore, you can always join in irrelevant to what your level is.



Core training

(Functional Mobility Training)


Functional Mobility Training, or FMT for short, is a unique training concept. You reach your sporting goals fast and in a responsible way. At the same time, you tackle any physical complaints you may have. Do you have lower back complaints because of a sedentary job? Through FMT, you deal with them directly, by strengthening your back and stomach muscles.


With FMT, the functionality and stability of your body are the central focus. Whilst doing the exercises, you use your body efficiently and move in a natural and responsible way. These ‘Core’ practices make any mobility limitations flawlessly visible, which then enables you to reduce or remedy them with the help of the right exercises. You will feel the benefits immediately in your day to day life.




Core Training (FMT)

Kettle Bell Training






Kettlebell Hardstyle training


The kettle bell gives you a full body workout. During Kettle Bell Hard Style, you train your strength in particular, with slow, heavy lifts. This enables you to lay the sound basis you may need for boxing and martial arts, such as Judo or Karate.


The various exercises demand optimal cooperation of the muscle groups, as only this can help you achieve the best result and avoid injury. The aspects addressed during Kettle Bell Hard Style Training are: strength, flexibility and stability.





Through SportMindz you have the possibility of using the fitness facilities at the Halo Wellness Centre, which offers programmes for all levels.


Fitness is the choice way of training both muscle strength and condition. By regularly doing strength exercises, you increase your muscle mass and firm up tendons and bones. By doing cardiovascular exercises, you increase your stamina and as you progress, you will need less recovery time from your exertions.


Another important advantage of fitness training at the Halo Wellness Centre, is that you are free to plan the time and duration of your sessions, independently of other participants.





Boot Camp is hot and for good reason. In Boot Camp, you combine running with interval and fitness exercises. All this and in the freedom of nature! At SportMindz you have the challenge of beach, dunes and the Bosjes van Pex close at hand.


This easily accessible form of exercise originated in the US army. It is an ideal workout, after which you feel strong and energetic. The SportMindz Boot Camp is suitable for everyone. As we have a variety of options on offer, it is possible to participate at your own personal level in a congenial group. Since everyone challenges and stimulates each other, Boot Camp is fun for all.