Our logo explained


Sport represents the diverse forms of sport which the foundation supports and Mindz stands for: mattering (or rather, sport matters/makes a difference), mind, power of imagination, inspiration, but also caring about something and feeling involved.


The S line: the Yin-Yang symbol is the Ancient Chinese representation of cosmic duality. Yin and Yang are ‘imprisoned’ in a circle. The line which indicates the ‘seperation’ between Yin and Yang, is not drawn as a vertical, straight line. Instead, it is an ‘S’, indicating a dynamic process. It suggests the movement and shows how Yin and Yang also represent the imbalance in various directions: up and down, left and right, backwards and forwards and therefore also with regard to the characteristics full and empty, hard and soft etc.


The two small circles: nothing in the Universe is entirely Yin or entirely Yang. There is always Yin inside the Yang and Yang inside the Yin. In the Yin and Yang symbol this is represented by the two small dots in each form: the white inside the black and the black inside the white.

The essence of the SportMindz lessons is in the understanding and experience of these apparent contradictions: ‘Song er bu xie - Jin er bu jiang’, or ‘Relaxed but not weak - Tense, but not hard’. Finding the optimal balance between body, mind and spirit at the gym, at work, at home and on the street.