Dit filmje van onze huisbank Triodos is voor ons een inspiratiebron.

The SportMindz mission statement


SportMindz applies the binding power of sport to creating a better society. We do this by getting people moving physically and mentally and connecting with each other. With this idea in mind, we offer different sports, activities and forms of exercise. Hereby, we target several age ranges: children (age 4 and over), adults (age 16 and over) and seniors (age 60 and over).


Our programme for children

(age 4 and over)


SportMindz’ specifically aimed programme focuses on the all-round physical and mental development of children from the age of 4. In this way, they build a sound foundation for a sporty, resilient and healthy life.

SportMindz and H.V. & C. V. Quick together form a unique partnership in The Hague. By joining forces and offering a varied programme, both associations are able to make a positive contribution to the physical and mental development of children of the area, including young football and hockey players.


Our programme for adults

(age 16 and over)


Together with her members, SportMindz has compiled a varied sports programme with well known and less well known forms of exercise, such as: boxing, Systema, Boot Camp, Full Mobility Training, YiQuan, Yoga and Pilates. The lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike; everyone can join in.

Our broad programme mirrors our motto, ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’. All activities are aimed at improving your physical and and mental resilience and fitness. Furthermore, we pay heed to a healthy balance between body and mind and at the same time strive for social cohesion within our club. Fun and reciprocal connection are central themes for us. We train in groups and work together in a conducive atmosphere, so that we may learn with and from each other and after class we have time for each other too.


Our programme for seniors

(age 60 and over)


We would like seniors to be physically active for as long as possible and would like to contribute to that end. The programme on offer for seniors is specifically aimed at staying strong, resilient and supple, so that you can stay active right into old age. Our age 55 and over boundary is not strict, by the way, because fitness is a very personal matter afterall.

Please refer to the link below, for video material showing previous activities for age 55 and over, on our website.




SportMindz considers it important to keep sport easily accessible. In order to give as  many people as possible a chance to take part, we keep our fees to a minimum. However,  we don’t make any concessions to the quality of the classes in doing so and work with only the most experienced teachers and trainers. In the youth sector at SportMindz, we employ the principle teachers and teaching assistents model. The principle teachers are the point of contact for parents and their children. They also have final responsibility for the form, content and quality of our lessons. Both principle teachers and their assistents receive an expense allowance for their efforts.