Teachers for age 16 and above


Maxim Pipotja (Systema)


Maxim (1963) was born and bred in Russia, where he studied Agriculture. His hometown, Krasnodar, is the source of the current Systema Kadochnikov. Since 1976, Maxim has practised a diversity of martial arts, such as Karate and Judo. In 1982, he started his Systema training, taught by one of the pupils of Kadochnikov. In 1988, he became a Systema teacher himself, under the guidance of Alesei Kadochnikov. Maxim annually attends Systema seminars given by Alesei and Arkadiy Kadochnikov in Russia, Germany and France. Maxim is the only Chief Instructor of Systema in The Netherlands and has more than 30 years of experience in the art.


Dick van Vlooten (Systema)


Dick van Vlooten is the Deventer-based Systema trainer and is accredited by Vladimir Vasiliev. Dick started with Judo at 5 years old, played Rugby from the age of 15 and began Taekwondo at the age of 20. In addition, he practised Kick Boxing for six years, taught by Rein Middelwijk in Enschede, among others. After short forrays into Aikido (two years), and Sword Fighting (also two years), he found Systema. It was like coming home for him: “The search within yourself, the ease of dealing with larger opponents, handling tension and relaxation. Finally something that is practical and works, also for smaller and less strong people.”


Michael van der Woude (Systema)


Michael started with Systema in 2004 and teaches here since 2006. Next to Systema, he also still practises (Combat) Sambo and MMA.
What he appreciates about Systema, is the profundity and the insight it gives into how humans move and react in stressful and conflict situations. The reason that he also began to teach, is to make people more aware of what they do. The human body is a remarkable phenomenon. He derives satisfaction from seeing people getting to know themselves better, more able to assess diverse situations and adapting to these.
He hopes to give his pupils the pieces of the puzzle they seek to take them closer to their goals.


Bram Charité (Boxing)


Bram (1954) is the son of a well known weight lifter, who won bronze in the Olympic Games in London, in 1948. He started boxing at the age of 15, at Leen Hoogeband in The Hague. After a number of years, he also took part in competitive fights and became boxing champion of Zuid Holland.

After this competitive period he became boxing instructor, of competitive boxers, amongst others. Bram has also practised other sports, but boxing has always remained an important theme throughout his life.


Giovanni Spoormaker (Boxing)


Giovanni (1968) is a father of four and teaching runs in his blood. He has been a football and boxing instructor for many years. Giovanni boxed competitively and now and for the last 25 years he boxed at the Haagse Directe. He describes himself as fanatic and driven. Boxing is his passion and he loves to communicate his enthousiasm to everyone receptive to it.


Sandra Klupper (Bootcamp)


Sandra (1978) has always been active in sports, but for the last few years she has focused on Boot Camp and Boxing (Kick-It). You won’t find her in a fitness centre using the barbells or dumbells. She mainly finds her challenges in the outdoors and everything that nature has to offer. This gives her a sense of freedom. Exercising outdoors, having fun together above all, and achieving results besides. Sandra gets a lot out of exercising; clearing the head and being active, everyone together. She loves to share the great feeling of being reenergised after an exercise class with everyone.


Wilfried Hoogerwerf (Running Training)


Wilfried Hoogerwerf (1962) is entrepreneur (Administration and Tax Advisor) and has a passion for running. Next to this he is an Aikido practitioner with 14 years’ experience (2nd Dan) and has taught children and adults. In the last few years he has returned to his “roots”, the running. Wilfried takes care of the Sunday morning alternating running training sessions, which focus on endurance, as well as explosivity (interval). To supplement his own running, he trains in various disciplines at SportMindz and annually contends in the ROPA Run.


Ingrid Hermsen-van Hoek (Pilates)


Ingrid Hermsen-van Hoek (1973) is Ambulant Psychiatric Nurse. In her search for a sport which matched her, she found Pilates. Besides the obvious results which are achieved through Pilates (power/flexibility), she was interested in learning more about how the body works and how you can get the best out of it. She successfully completed her Pilates training with Stephanny Turton-Kat at Art of Movement and started teaching Pilates at SportMindz early in 2013.


Wijnand van der Velde (FMT)


Wijnand (1982) has been a fanatic sportsman all his life. From football, running and tennis, to a variety of martial arts, he has always wanted to go to the limit of what his body is capable of. Finally, he arrived at Functional Mobility Training (FMT), which he now teaches. These are his own words about it: “When I discovered FMT, I knew immediately that I wanted to go further in it. It was so obvious that this is a system which can give a lot of athletes that little extra push to better performance, but more importantly, can give less active people besides more strength, more freedom of movement too. It is wonderful to see how FMT practitioners book results so quickly.



Guest instructors


Drs. Jan Sleijfer (Yiquan)


Jan (1969) was originally a teacher of Physical Education. In 2005, he graduated with First Degree Honours in Social Psychology from the University of Amsterdam and attained the VSPN annotation of Sport Psychology shortly after. He is a certified JBN Judo instructor in the National Healthcare Service. His interest in internal martial arts, like Taijiquan, Taikiken an Yiquan grew as he progressed in age. Most recently he has become Therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Jack van de Wal (Taikiken)


Jack (1969) has been a teacher of sports in education for 20 years. After attaining his teaching diploma in Taikiken, a symbiosis of Japanese Budo (Kendo, Jiujitsu, Laido) and Wushu (I-chuan, Hsing-I), he succeeded his former teacher at the department of Sport, Mangaement and Entrepreneurship (HVA) in Amsterdam. In recent years he has kept himself busy with other martial arts, such as Boxing, Kick-boxing, Capoeira and Bujinkan Tai-jutsu.


Youri van Sant (Wing Revolution)


Youri practised various martial arts, such as Judo, Hakkoryo Jiu Jitsu, Shotokan Karate, semi-light and full contact Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing. He attained his black belt Pancrease at the Budo Bond Nederland, under the guidance of Bas Rutten and the 4th technical grade in the WT. Since 1995, Youri has been responsible for the cell Close Fighting Without Firearms. In 1997, he was appointed technical advisor by J.M. Jockin, now KOL SBH Wing Adjutant to the King. He took various courses at home and abroad, among which in Krav Maga, Close Fighting Without Firearms, Special Forces Combat, SAS Arrest and Restrain Technique.

He also set up the course in Knife Fighting for the Airborne Infantry (Dutch Commandos). Youri still teaches militaries and police.