Bert de Waart

Louis van Swinderen

Hall of Fame


Some people have made a remarkable contribution to (the history of) SportMindz and/or an impression so deep in our hearts as to deserve a special spot on this site. We want to pay our respects to them, by means of this Hall of Fame.


Bert de Waart (1940-2015)


Bert was our Budo teacher with more than 30 years’ experience in martial arts, such as Kyokushin Karate, Taikiken, Aikido and Yiquan. He showed us and let us feel the essence of Yiquan: the bringing together of hard and soft. Bert taught with us until he was 71 and he did this always with an incredible skill, flexibility and a large dose of humour. For an impression of his classes, we would like to refer you to the material on this website under ‘media’. By typing the search command Berttaikiken in Google, you can find many more clips on YouTube with the experiences of participants of, amongst others, our age 55 and above Yiquan/Boxing classes





Louis van Swinderen (Cuban Boxing)


Louis came into contact with boxing at an early age, thanks to Bram Charité. He started boxing competitively at Houwaart Boxing School and eventually arrived at the Haagse Directe via the Houtzagerij. He was teaching there when SportMindz approached him to give a weekly class in Cuban Boxing.