Friends of SportMindz


SportMindz has started ‘the (Friends) Club of 50’. The objective of the club is to collect an extra contribution of €50, in order to aid the foundation in her mission to get young and old moving, mentally and physically. We hope to find as many individuals and businesses as possible to join our Club of 50.


SportMindz is constantly looking for new opportunities to achieve her goals. We do this by organising afforadable, sometimes even free activities not only for senior citizens and youths, but also for other special target groups, whom we believe would benefit from getting to know our sports.


Your contribution makes it possible for us to organise extra activities for our members and/or potential members. Activities like the promotion of our sports through workshops and seminars, or offering classes with a limit on the number of participants, allowing for more personal attention.


You can become a member of the Club of 50 as a private person, a business, or a group of people, by transferring €50 to our Triodus account:, in the name of SportMindz. Please state your name, or the name of the business and the address. If you would like more information, please mail us at and we will be pleased to get in touch with you.


As a thank you for your support of our foundation, your name will get an honourable mention in the list of friends on our website. In addition, you may take part in the weekly running practices and are invited to the Christmas drinks and reception, where we present the yearly results of the foundation.


Left of this article you will see the list of all the individuals and businesses who have already joined the Club of 50. We sincerely hope to be adding your, or the name of your business to it very soon.






Michel ter Averst

Stans den Baars

Peter van den Berg

Theun Bremer

Lucas Brouw

Nico Dekkers

Kees Ekelmans

Petra van Gent

Jim Goldman

Magchiel Groot

Ernst Haaksma

Marijke Hartman van der Toorn

Mark Hamel

Jelle Heeg

Erik Krouwel

 Willem van der Kaaij

Patrick Lameris

Bastiaan Linze

Guus Pieters

Bart Schalker

Patrizio Massaro

Hans Scholten

Erik Scholten

 Dave Stok

Amnon Tepper

Joury Tuyn

Peter Tuyn



Friends in business





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OS Optical

Skoda Duindam

Functional Oogzorg Nederland

Iris Optiek