Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. That was Mohammed Ali: lithe movement and avoiding being hit by your opponent. This is much more interesting than only learning how to administer blows. Precisely by learning how to relax when under pressure, you move more effectively and become more resilient, with the additional benefit of heightening your awareness in life in general.


In order to increase your resilience, you can choose between boxing and Systema at SportMindz. Experience has taught us that members develop their own style as they train. In this way, you can practise in the way that suits you best.


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At SportMindz you can box for recreational purposes, under the guidance of teachers with a good deal of experience as regular, as well as competitive boxers. Boxing is a sport that fits comfortably with the SportMindz philosophy. As you work together in a congenial atmosphere, you improve your condition without even noticing.


During classes, the focus is on improving your tactical insight and the coordination of hands and feet. Sparring demands speed and dexterity and makes an enormous appeal on your condition.


In the SportMindz boxing classes, things like mutual interconnection, respect and reciprocal learning are of foremost importance. Boxing with us is not about achieving the fastest knockout or delivering the hardest blow. Instead, you try to hit your sparring partner on the body, not the head. In this way, everyone gets to enjoy this fantastic sport.


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At SportMindz, you can acquaint yourself with Systema, an ancient Russian martial art, under the guidance of experienced teachers. The classes consist of a combination of styles and techniques and are unique in Holland.


The Systema classes are based on a number of general principles. The most important of these are breathing, movement, relaxation and structure. Systema teaches you to best defend yourself in the most diverse situations. The basis for this is a healthy and strong body. Therefore, a lot of attention in class goes to the development of the body, so that you can move in an effective and versatile manner.


Within Systema there are no competitive elements, belts, or rules. Everything is allowed and there are no forbidden techniques. This fits well with the open attitude of Systema practitioners: although a technique is effective and fits in your system, it is always good to learn from different styles. This means that the learning process never stops.


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