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Boxing at SportMindz in the Vruchtenbuurt in The Hague


What is boxing?


Boxing is a tactical martial art, whereby the focus is on the coordination of feet, hands, condition and insight. Points can be scored by hitting each other on the body with punches, or a combination of punches. The winner has the highest point score, or achieves a knock out. Distinction is made between competetive boxing, amateur boxing and recreational boxing.


Boxing at SportMindz in The Hague


At SportMindz its all about recreational boxing. We offer a fine combination of technical and conditional boxing. Our trainers are very experienced boxers with competitive experience. Due to this, you don’t only work on your condition, but you also learn good technical boxing. In this way, we distinguish ourselves from most gyms.


We use a combination of a diversity of boxing punches (cross, hook, uppercut) onto the gloves. You also learn how to block punches. In addition, punch bag practise can form part of the lesson. In sparring at SportMindz, the rule applies that participants try to hit each other on the body, and never aim for the head. Sparring demands speed and good footwork and makes an enormous appeal to your condition.



Target group


Men, women and children train at SportMindz. Men and women train together and everyone can participate at his or her own level. Reciprocal connection, mutual respect and learning from each other form the main principles for us. Fellow pupils with whom you practise are your boxing partners, not your opponents.


There are also boxing classes for children, whereby the same basic principles apply.

The boxing classes for children are part of our special SportMixzprogramme.


Free tryout in boxing The Hague


The video on this page gives an impression of our boxing class. Feel like a free tryout, without committing yourself and/or curious about the other sports on offer in The Hague?


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Here below, some information on the history of boxing.

The History of Boxing


Olympic sport


Boxing can be found in images from far before the birth of Christ. In 688 BC, boxing matches took place for the first time in the Olympic Games. The matches knew of no rules and often continued until one or both boxers were severely injured. From 1719, rules for boxing were gradually introduced and in 1908 boxing officially became an Olympic sport.


Fight of the Century

(Muhammed Ali versus Joe Frazier)


Boxing became most popular in the United States. Famous names are Muhammed Ali (real name Cassius Clay), Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Mike Tyson. The match in 1971 in Maddison Square Garden, NY, whereby heavyweight Joe frazier won on points from his challenger, Muhammed Ali in 15 rounds, is world famous.


Boxing in The Netherlands:

the founding of the Dutch Boxing Bond


In 1898, the first official boxing demonstrations were given during a sporting celebration, in honour of the queen’s crowning. In 1911, the Dutch Boxing Bond was founded. This resulted in 1913, in the first Dutch boxing championships in the Dierentuinzaal in The Hague. Since then, many Dutch boxers have proved themselves at national and international level. Renowned names, among others: Bep van Klaveren, Rudy Koopmans, Pedro van Raamsdonk, Eddy Smulders, Arnold Vanderlyde, Regilio Tuur, Ohran Delibas and Don Diego Poeder.


Women’s boxing


Women’s boxing arose at a slower pace, mostly due to the spirit of the times. It was not a recognised sport for a long time. Women’s competitive boxing was made possible in Sweden in 1988. In 1997 the British Boxing Bond followed this initiative. In 1999, the first European Championships Women’s Boxing took place and in 2001, the first World Championships. In 2012, it became an olympic sport.


Well known Dutch are, among others: Lucia Rijker, Marichelle de Jong and Nouschka Fontijn.



Best boxers of the world


If you were to ask a group of experts, every one would come up with a different list. For one such list of best boxers of all time, click  here.

 Boksen 688 v Chr
Mohammes Ali
Lucia Rijken