Searching for balance. Perhaps this is the secret of life. The balance between tension and relaxation, work and private life, body and mind, Yin and Yang. Sport is essential in this quest.


In our training practices we see the body as an entity. Partly because of this, you also have the choice of taking classes in Pilates, YiQuan, and Yoga. By combining physical, breathing, and visualisation exercises, your body’s balance is restored, without using heavy weights or other attributes.


Sedentary work? By training your back muscles using specific exercises, we teach you how to maintain a healthy posture. Click on the links below for more information.


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Pilates is certainly no new fad. It is a training method developed by the German-born Joseph Hubertus Pilates, almost a hundred years ago. His method is based on the natural flexibility of the human body. Using specific exercises, the natural patterns of movement are restored and stimulated, and your condition is improved.


Central to the Pilates methodology is the optimal alignment of body and mind. You build up muscular strength during the class, in exercises using your own body, whereby the personal attention you get stimulates your awareness. In this way you achieve a healthy balance between strength, flexibility and control, which ultimately leads to freedom of movement.


Our Pilates teacher, Ingrid, trained at Art of Movement, in Hilversum.





What is there left to say about Yoga? The benefits of this Eastern theory of movement are great. The exercises improve your body’s flexibility and likewise the blood circulation in muscle tissue and vital organs. In this way you surreptitiously build up muscle strength.


The lessons at SportMindz follow the Vinyasa Yoga philosophy, whereby the focus is on awareness of breathing. Vinyasa Yoga is part of Ashanta Yoga, which concentrates on the restoration of balance between body and mind. Meditation and good breathing ensure better composure, relaxation and energy. You feel better about yourself as a result!




In YiQuan, you learn how to use your energy and strength in the most efficient way possible during challenges, or fights. Additionally, this Chinese theory of movement has specific exercises, designed to improve your health and wellbeing.


The basic YiQuan practice consists of four different exercises, which each lays the emphasis on the improvement of your movements, strength and energy as well as the awareness of your own body. All your body parts are addressed, from your legs to your shoulders, your head and your hips. During each basic exercise, your mind is entirely focused, promoting the alignment of body and mind. This prepares you to better exploit your natural potential in sport, as well as in life.


As a beginner of YiQuan, you will first mainly be practising the simple exercises, and parts thereof, time and again. In time, the exercises will gradually become more difficult.