Sports on offer




Systema is a modern method of self-defence, used by the Russian elite troups (GRU) and Spetnaz. It is extremely exclusive and effective. Based on biomechanical principles, one learns to defend oneself against all kinds of attack, with or without weapons, using the opponent’s  energy and strength whilst preserving one’s own. No specific techniques are taught, just general principles which can be employed against an attack.


(Fitness) Boxing


This is an intense class, whereby boxing technique, the different boxing punches and combinations of punches are taught in sparring on the gloves, with minimal bodily contact. Alongside, punching-bags make a huge appeal on the determination and stamina of participants. The focus of the class is on boxing technique, response capacity, condition and training of arm and stomach muscles.




Bootcamp is an easily accessible interval-training class. This form of training originated in the U.S army and consists among other things of: running, interval-training and fitness exercises in a natural environment. This is the ideal workout to make you feel strong and energetic in the challenging settings of beach, dunes and Bosjes van Pex (woodland). The class is accessible for all levels of fitness. The different options offered throughout mean that each participant is able to take part at his or her own level.


FMT (Functional Mobility Training)


FMT is a unique training concept. It was developed for everyone who is looking to achieve his or her sporting goals in a fast and responsible way. Furthermore, it can be used to combat physical complaints. Central to the training is the functionality and mobility of the body. FMT has as its primary goal, to use the body in a more efficient way through natural movements, by using the body itself in responsible exercises. Limitations in mobility become clearly visible during the FM training and can be lessened or remedied by the correct exercises. This class trains strength, athletic ability, determination and stamina.


Running Training


Running is a good way to increase your physical and mental stamina. It is therefore a good complementary training to other, often more static forms of fitness training. After a warming-up session, you start working on improving your condition in endurance runs, interval training and speed runs, mostly in the dunes. The class is accessible to all levels of fitness and experience.




Pilates trains the whole body, with core-training as focus. The exercises performed strengthen the deeper stomach and back muscles and improve posture, balance and control of the body. A calm tempo and precision in the execution of the movements are the starting point in this. Regular practice makes for flexibility, suppleness and an improved body awareness. Pilates is an effective and intense Body & Mind workout.


YiQuan (Zhan Zhuang)


Zhan Zhuang, freely translated as ‘standing like a tree’, is the basis of YiQuan. It consists of remaining standing in different positions, at first for short and later for longer periods of time. Although this may seem too simple to be true, it appears to be a fascinating and remarkably effective way to reinforce the immune system and promote health. The founder of Zhan Zhuan and YiQuan was Master Wang Xiang-Zhai (1885-1963), an eminent practitioner of the martial arts. He demonstrated how stability, strength and reactive power could be trained by standing still. In Zhan Zhuang, exercises for good health, martial art and body awareness come together. It is the art of recharging the battery. YiQuan is a complete system, whereby you learn to employ your strength and energy in the most efficient way, during challenges or battles. At SportMindz, the emphasis of the YiQuan training is on the Zhan Zhuang element.


Kettlebell Hardstyle Training


Pavel Tsatsouline is the founder of Kettlebell Hardstyle outside of Russia. He introduced the kettlebell for the first time in the U.S. in 1998. In 2001, RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) came into being and the first certification courses for instructors followed very soon after that.


In Kettlebell Hardstyle training, care is taken to make sure that all muscle groups have to work together optimallyssed, to achieve the best results and avoid injuries. All facets of fitness are addressed in the process: condition, balance, metabolism and explosive strength. These facets are particularly relevant to supporting the practice of different combat sports.


On the one hand, Hardstyle is strength training. According to Pavel, also named ‘slow strength’ and essential for combat sportsmen, because it increases the capacity for power. Among other things, a sound basic strength decreases the risk of injury.  These sessions are characterised by slow, heavy lifts, repeated just once to a maximum of five times. On the other hand, your power endurance, or condition, is trained. These sessions consist of fast lifts, with many repetitions.




Through Fitness Training you can train muscle strength as well as endurance. Regular strength training increases muscle strength, muscle mass and makes your tendons and bones stronger, while stomach and back exercises strengthen your core. The cardio exercises enlarge your endurance and your capacity for recovery after exertion. The advantage of Fitness, is that you are not committed to a fixed timetable, duration of training sessions, or training partners. Membership of SportMindz gives you access to the Halo Wellness Center.




Tennis is a ball sport, whereby you train large and small muscles. It increases you hand-eye coordination, strength, reactive capacity, speed, agility and balance. The advantage of tennis is that it is a sport which you can start with at recreational level at any age and which you can continue to practise into old age. Membership of SportMindz gives you access to Tennis Park Berg and Dal.


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Sports on offer for seniors (age 60 and over)


In the near future, we are negotiating with Quick and Fit Hanenburg to get a programme for seniors up and running. Would you like to be kept informed, or have a look at our previous activities for this age group, please have a look at the ‘Welcome Page for Seniors’ and ‘Media’. Furthermore, we don’t have a strict regard for our 60 and over age boundary. Fitness is a very personal issue, so you are always welcome to contact us if you are interested in our programme for age 16 and over.